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Membership is composed of propane dealers doing business in the state of Georgia.  Membership is also available to individuals or companies doing business for the propane industry.

Our Association is operated by a President, President-Elect, Vice-President,  Treasurer and Secretary.  These positions are elected on an annual basis.  The Director-At-Large, two Regional Directors and five District Directors are chosen by the President.  There are nine individual committees which include a chairman and volunteer members who choose to serve on those committees.

There are four board meetings.  They are held in February, April, July & October.  The National Propane Gas Associations SE Convention &  International Trade Show  is in April and our annual state convention is in July (in conjunction with that quarter’s board meeting).  There is one district meeting per district per year.

Membership benefits include:

  • Education & safety training at nominal fees.  PERC dollars fund the majority of these expenses.
  • Legislative support on industry-related issues.
  • The association provides a central forum for the discussion of issues which affect all members of the propane industry.
  • Three scholarships are eligible to members and employees’ children on a national level.
  • Annual directory of state propane retailers and supplier members.
  • A quarterly magazine which addresses specific issues within the industry and keeps members abreast of upcoming events.


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